Emerging Threats Analyst

Lackland Air Force Base, San Antonio, TX, USA Req #5590
Friday, August 25, 2023

STS Systems Support, LLC. (SSS) is seeking an Emerging Threats Analyst


  • DoDD 8570.01‐M/8140.01 I AT Level III CND
  • Active TS/SCI
  • Formal intelligence analysis training and government experience.
  • BA/BS or MA/MS
  • Formal Intelligence Analysis training and government experience preferred.
  • Previous experience working with hunting tools and technologies.
  • Understanding of Networking (including the OSI Model, TCP/IP, DNS, HTTP, SMTP).
  • Experience with open source Malware Analysis platforms (Assemblyline, Cuckoo, Malboxes).
  • Experience with one or more commercial Malware Analysis platforms (Joe Sandbox, VirusTotal, etc.) knowledge of MITRE ATT&CK framework, and its uses within the cybersecurity community
  • (e.g., Open Source projects).




  • Analyze current and historical traffic entering the Air Force network using ArcSight (SIEM technology), Centaur, Noesis, Splunk, ELK, Fidelis, Solera, Niksun, Wireshark and other available tools (commercial and government provided), including OSINT and other classified reporting databases.
  • Determine if the network traffic requires further investigation of the Air Force asset(s) in question.
  • Correlate various data points using historical network traffic, operational events, reporting patterns, and other data to discern anomalies, patterns, or trends.
  • Perform post intrusion correlation to ensure current incidents are contained and have not spread to other Air Force Bases, networks or enclaves.
  • Provide tipper information to other organizations when required.
  • Collect weekly and monthly metrics (or as required) and trend information for organizational reports (as required) and long‐term analysis.
  • Continuously review (24/7/365) NCTOC reports, Tippers, SIGACTS, emails and other self‐reported problems and events.
  • Conduct research and gather threat intelligence on advanced threat actors.
  • Conduct Data Analysis for mission discovery of cyber threats and conduct characterization and attribution of those threats.
  • Identify cyber threats, trends, and new developments on various cyber security topics by analyzing raw intelligence and data which includes geopolitical and transnational events.
  • Present results to analysts and operators and train them how to recognize changes in operational environment likely to cause mission success or failure.
  • Create visual displays conveying situational awareness and engagement effectiveness assessments to the operational crews. (CDRL A008)
  • Analyze current all‐source intelligence from applicable intelligence community sources concerning adversary telecommunication and computer network systems supporting adversary C4I processes. Provide analytical reports and state findings or integrate conclusions into overall squadron generated composite reports, briefings, and target profile folders.
  • Provide analytic tradecraft to gathered intelligence in a consistent manner.
  • Develop and refine cyber threat intelligence collection and analysis processes.
  • Assist crews and analysts to determine most efficient means of execution (course of action) against malware, adversary TTPs, threat actors and the MITRE attack framework with respect to AFCERT weapons.
  • Write technical operational reports associated with systems that extensively involve telecommunications and telecommunications interfaces, IT, computer network defense (CND), computer networking, and network security. (CDRL A002)
  • Make analytical predictions about cyber actors and their future activities based on available data. Recognize threats by performing relevant research and data analysis using both internal and external tools and resources.
  • Produce detailed intelligence analysis reports on cyber threats with a potential to impact AF networks, systems and enclaves. (CDRL A008)
  • Present relevant findings to both technical and non‐technical audiences.
  • Provide OJT to other contractor employees, military, and/or civilian personnel, and ensure continuity folders/working aids are updated at least once per quarter in order to ensure efficient transition when personnel rotate.

Locations: Lackland AFB, TX, Offut AFB, NE, and Maxwell AFB, AL


Other details

  • Pay Type Salary
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  • Lackland Air Force Base, San Antonio, TX, USA