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Wednesday, April 19, 2023

Operations - Branch Manager Exe

Title: Branch Manager, Exempt

Reports To: Typically reports to Regional Manager

Classification: Full-Time, Regular, Exempt

Normal Hours: Commonly prior to 8 AM through after 5 PM, Monday-Friday with occasional weekends

General Description (major areas of responsibility of this position):

A person in this position manages all aspects of a branch office. Accountable for financial performance (sales and profitable growth) and customer satisfaction (customer relationship management) of the branch. Responsible to lead all branch personnel ensuring the training of company policies and procedures to branch members. Familiar with and able to perform all job duties. Excellence is demonstrated consistently and process improvements are contributed.

Minimum Qualifications:

Formal Training (courses, degrees, and credentials required):

  • BA Degree or equivalent

Experience (type and amount of experience required):

  • Meeting the below KSAVs and

  • Minimum 1 year working as a M.I.T. for the Company, or

  • Minimum 3 years working as an Assistant Manager for the Company, or

•     Minimum 2 year working as a Branch Manager elsewhere

Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, and Values (KSAV) (type and level of job/team-related attributes required to accomplish expected results):


  • Advanced knowledge of branch administrative procedures, methods, and techniques

  • Advanced knowledge of battery industry and automotive field concepts, practices, and procedures (language, technology, maintenance, etc.)

  • Advanced knowledge of all WHS procedures, methods, and techniques (language, safety tips, etc.)

  • General knowledge of courteous and safe driving procedures, methods, and techniques

  • General knowledge of sales and customer service procedures, methods, and techniques

  • General knowledge of business policies and practices, document flows, general office procedures, rules, methods, and techniques

  • General knowledge of material movement tracking software (domestic shipping methods, shipping and receiving procedures)

  • General knowledge of HAZCOMM safety procedures, methods, and techniques

  • General knowledge of MS Excel applications (tables, charts and formulas, SUMIFS, SUMPRODUCT, pivot tables, VBA Macros, etc.)

  • General knowledge of ERP (Enterprise resource planning) Applications (Prophet 21 preferred) within the accounting functionality, cross functional transactional data flow, daily transactions, and extraction, reporting, and uploading data

  • Basic knowledge of marketing procedures, methods, and techniques (advertising, market research, etc.)


  • Advanced skill in providing regular team member recognition

  • Advanced skill in practicing safe work habits and auditing

  • Advanced skill in communicating and building positive rapport with customers through delivering quality customer service (producing satisfaction; delivering happiness)

  • Advanced skill in defusing an agitated or confrontational person; handle grievances with professional etiquette

  • Advanced skill in operating manual pallet jack, ladders, dolly, and other material handling tools

  • Advanced skill in operating motor vehicles and light industrial trucks (forklifts/powered pallet jacks) (maintains excellent driving record)

  • General skill in contract negotiation

  • General skill in computer use and related common applications (MS Office Business Suite including, but not limited to email, spreadsheet, database, and presentation applications;  and internet research means)

  • General skill in use of customer resource management (CRM) software

  • General skill in employing persuasion techniques (gaining new referrals; generating new leads and sales)

  • General skill level in English composition and conversation (read, write, and speak English with good pronunciation, proper word use, structure, and grammar); Additional language preferred

  • General skill level in math (basic functions (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, percent, and fractions), mathematical reasoning, number sense, reading charts and graphs)

  • General skill level in use of business machines (phone, pc, copy, fax, and scanner)

  • General skill level in typing (accurate at 30 wpm)

  • General skill level in organization/orderliness and establishing priorities


  • Advanced ability to interface with flexibility/adaptability to work effectively with a wide variety of people (identify and match approach to customer preference/personality type)

  • Advanced ability to analyze situations, strategize actions, and solve problems quickly and effectively

  • Advanced ability to effectively train new hires on the held job processes, techniques, and procedures

  • Advanced ability to identify, support, develop, and execute appropriate intermediate and long range improvement goals that support department and company objectives

  • Advanced ability to follow defined process steps with high repeatability

  • Advanced ability to work in a group/team or independently, when needed

  • Advanced ability to maintain confidentiality

  • General ability to  foster a team that promotes excellence and to advocate a culture of change and continuous improvement


  • Advanced value for integrity

  • Advanced value for expression of a customer-centric (others-centric) attitude

  • Advanced value for courtesy

  • Advanced value for promptness

  • Advanced value for attentiveness

  • Advanced value for expression of a positive attitude

  • Advanced value for continuous improvement

  • Advanced value for team advancement

  • Advanced value for wellness, health and safety (of self and others)

  • Advanced value for highly accurate, consistently on-time work

Working Relationships (persons whom those in this position regularly interact with in order to accomplish major areas of responsibility):

  • Customers

  • Prospects

  • Regional Manager

  • Vendors

Extent of Supervision (level of direction provided and limits in acting independently):

A person in this position operates under limited supervision, receives general instruction, and follows routine procedures independently, and is responsible for managing and carrying out areas of responsibility within the scope of established goals and objectives. A certain degree of creativity and latitude is required. Specific directives may be provided for execution.  Variations from procedure or problems are reported to the immediate supervisor.

Job Responsibilities:


  • Maintains an image in support of Company values on and off the job.

  • Demonstrates good judgment in supporting Company values when non-standard situation arises.

  • Adds a valuable, helpful, and positive influence to the customer experience and the work environment.

  • Supports professional, neat, organized, clean, and safe work area.  Facilities, vehicles, tools, and uniforms are kept clean and in good condition.

  • Maintains established safety rules and practices; immediately reports any safety incidents to supervisor.

  • Actively participates in assigned learning opportunities and in sharing job knowledge for team advancement.

  • Plans ahead and prioritizes work assignments with supervisor to meet due dates.

  • Maintains exemplary time-keeping, makes effective use of work time, performs required duties in a timely manner, and demonstrates reliability in completing assignments.  Pre-plans time off with supervisor and collaborates to coordinate coverage of duties.

  • Makes sure the proper materials are on hand, and that tools, and equipment are in good working order; reports non-working tools and equipment to supervisor.

  • Supports the development and maintenance of well-documented departmental performance standards, policies, and procedures.

  • Participates in department meetings and collaborates with supervisor to continually improve efficiency and to develop and achieve realistic goals and effective strategies to meet Company objectives.

  • Supports a climate for job-related open communication among people and between departments.

  • Performs other responsibilities as required.


Empowered and Engaged • Customer-Centric • Powerful Brands and Services • Always Moving Forward • One-Team • Environmental Health & Safety

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  • Pay Type Salary
  • Employment Indicator Regular
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