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Monday, April 1, 2024
The Fresh Kitchen Manager is responsible for being the food service subject matter expert within the Fresh Kitchen concept. The Fresh Kitchen Manager will ensure the adherence to procedures and programs within the food service segment of the company. This allows for the consumer to have a consistent offering and experience at every GATE location. The Fresh Kitchen Manager is an integral part in implementing food programs and will perform in store procedures to ensure food service programs are being implemented to standard.  

Kitchen Manager Essential Skills 
•	Customer-Service: Food Service Fresh Kitchen Manager will interact with customers. Being friendly and courteous will help keep customers coming back.
•	Attention to Detail: Food Service Fresh Kitchen Manager must keep their eyes on a multiple area: food standards, food safety, and cleanliness.
•	Leadership: Food Service Fresh Kitchen Manager must be responsible and willing to often work autonomously. 
•	Problem-Solving Skills: Dealing with irate customers is part of a Food Service Fresh Kitchen Manager job. Being able to come up with a solution quickly is a needed skill.
•	Communication Skills: Food Service Fresh Kitchen Manager need to accurately and easily communicate to other staff, give suggestions to customers and speak with customers clearly.
•	Stamina: Food Service Fresh Kitchen Manager can have long hours around hot cooking elements, much of it on their feet, multi-tasking across different areas of the food service offerings.
•	Standards and Practices: Maintaining safety, sanitation, and quality controls to protect company investment in Foodservice offering
•	Training: Food Service Fresh Kitchen Manager works in both a constant leaning /teaching environment and aids in reinforcing training and food service concepts  

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
•	Aids in maintaining sales goals and margin goals
•	Reinforces and abides by safety training according to Federal, State, Local law rules and regulations including company policy
•	Interacts with Federal, State, County or local representatives to maintain all necessary certifications and follows all regulations as dictated by said agencies
•	Ability to read and interpret documents such as safety rules, operating and maintenance instructions and procedure manuals for food service equipment
•	Maintain safety standards in conformance with state and company guidelines 
•	Assists with coordinating employee training to standards set forth by training aids and manual
•	Maintain appropriate Periodic Automatic Replenishment (PAR) levels (Fixed quantity of an item that must be kept on hand to support daily operations)
•	Assist with weekly and monthly food service financial reporting 
•	Attend appropriate store meetings and training sessions
•	Supports sales promotion activities
•	Coordinates employee training to standards set forth by training aids and manual
•	Determines the materials and supplies necessary to maintain appropriate levels
•	Coordinates sales promotion activities
•	Food safety knowledge as dictated by the most recent Federal Food Code
•	Complete all monthly food service financial reports


Qualified Candidates Must:
•	Be at least 18 years old for Food Service Kitchen Manager 
•	Maintain a valid Driver’s License
•	Be willing to travel and support other stores training and opening initiatives

Knowledge & Skill Requirements:
•	Successful job experience in a convenience store, restaurant / fast food or related environment; knowledge of Food Safety
•	Must have and maintain Food Safety Certification

Supervision of Personnel:
Supervise 3 or more Food Kitchen Associates in a Fresh Kitchen or advanced Foodservice concept store

Physical Demands:

	Activities:	Bending, kneeling, reaching and stooping are required to perform 				the tasks of this position / adequate strength, balance and coordination 			are required

	Lifting:	Must be able to lift 50 pounds

	Environment:	Climate controlled store / walk-in coolers 

•	Performance of this position will be evaluated annually by the Store Manager  
•	Fresh Kitchen Manager position qualifies for Quarterly bonuses based on performance

Other details

  • Pay Type Hourly
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