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Mt Pleasant, SC, USA Req #172
Tuesday, June 6, 2023

The Police Officer performs general duty police work in protection of life and property, enforcement of laws, and investigation of crimes. 


 Patrol Officer

  • Patrols designated districts to protect our community.
  • Responds to specific incidents relayed by the dispatcher and conducts preliminary investigation when needed.
  • Conducts follow up investigations.
  • Enforces town ordinances and state laws.
  • Prepares detailed written incident reports, arrest and search warrants and other reports as required.
  • Testifies in court.
  • Apprehends, accompanies and maintains custody of individuals being taken to jail, court or detention centers.
  • Conducts searches and arrests when probable cause has been established in keeping with the laws of arrest, search and seizure.
  • Assists at special events as needed.
  • Works in partnership with citizens using the problem solving model to enhance the wellness of the community.
  • Maintains individual equipment in proper working order.
  • Performs other duties as required. 
Traffic Officer
  • Responds to traffic related incidents and complaints relayed through the dispatcher.
  • Patrols designated zone to assess general traffic conditions and to issue citations for speeding and other traffic law violations.
  • Directs traffic flow when required.
  • Investigates accidents and renders first aid to accident victims if necessary.
  • Assists motorists with disabled vehicles and relays notice of abandoned vehicles to the appropriate responder.
  • Conducts breathalyzer tests.
  • Testifies in court as needed.
  • Assists with special events.
  • Performs all duties of a police officer when required.
School Resource Officer
  • Patrols hallways and building fostering good public relations between students, staff and police.
  • Instructs specialized, short-term programs determined by the staff on school premises.
  • Enforces state law, makes arrests, and testified in court.
  • Prepares written incident reports.
  • Determines and recommends to school staff, appropriate conflict resolution strategies for meeting specific problems with students.
  • Meets with parents, staff and students to assist with law enforcement problems.
  • Identifies at-risk juveniles and works with outside agencies to stabilize the juvenile’s lives.
  • Communicates police-sponsored programs and activities through newsletters and student group discussion.
  • Protects the school against intruders and from damages to building.
  • Prepares a monthly report covering status of all activities.
  • Performs all duties of a police officer when required.
Crime Prevention Officer    
  • Plans and coordinates community relations programs that will reach the public and foster good will.
  • Develops crime prevention programs that target specific types of crime in specific areas to target crime reduction in the business and residential sectors of the town.
  • Supports the Neighborhood Crime Watch Program by assisting citizens in setting up a program.
  • Acts as a liaison between the community and police about community concerns and expectations.
  • Conducts formal crime prevention surveys of residences and businesses; teaches crime prevention to citizens and business owners.
  • Identifies and verifies the severity, frequency and location of crime and non-crime problems within the neighborhoods and business areas that require special attention.
  • Identifies and implements programs to meet special service needs of youth and the elderly.
  • Communicates department sponsored programs and activity through newsletters, media and group discussion.
  • Maintains all materials obtained through department sponsored conferences, seminars and classes.
  • Prepares a monthly report covering status of all activities.
  • Performs all duties of a police officer when required.
  Criminal Investigator/ Juvenile Investigator/ Narcotic Investigator
  • Conducts standard or covert investigations of crimes or incidents specifically involving incidents, such as: burglaries, assaults, homicides, rapes, missing persons, vice or illegal drugs.
  • Participates in covert narcotics, vice, and criminal investigations.
  • Investigates misdemeanor crimes and felonies.
  • Processes, collects, preserves, and photographs evidence at crime scenes.
  • Interviews victims, witnesses or others involved in or having knowledge of criminal incidents or activities; takes depositions of victims, witnesses and suspects.
  • Apprehends and conducts interrogation of suspected criminals.
  • Conducts routine surveillance of known criminals and develops informal sources of information on suspects and criminal activity.
  • Coordinates pretrial conferences with the Solicitor's Office and Family Court; attends pretrial hearings.
  • Testifies in court as needed.
  • Prepares written incident reports and case summaries; compiles data for statistical reports; prepares search and arrest warrants.
  • Cooperates with other law enforcement agencies in investigations on the local, state of federal level.
  • Presents lectures and classes on narcotics/drug abuse and other crime prevention issues to community groups when requested.
  • Performs all duties of a police officer as required
 Evidence and Crime Scene Technician
  • Identifies and collects evidence form crime scenes.
  • Follows proper crime scene procedures to protect and prevent compromise of evidence integrity.
  • Performs latent and patent search for fingerprints and limited chemical analysis of evidence.
  • Accepts and enters submitted property in designated areas and within department standards.
  • Logs, maintains and secures the integrity of thousands of items of evidence, maintains records and accessibility.
  • Takes photographs for the department.
  • Prepares written reports necessary for department, laboratory, or court requirements.
  • Handles the narcotics and weapons destruction program.
  • Releases property to owners and maintains logs.
  • Conducts a periodic auction of materials not claimed.
  • Performs other related assigned duties.


  • Associates degree; or a Bachelors degree
  • Or equivalent combination of education and military/law enforcement experience;
  • Completion of South Carolina Criminal Justice Training Academy;
  • Must be a US Citizen;
  • Must be 21 years of age.
  • Valid South Carolina driver’s license.
To deliver superior performance in a manner that is distinctive and impactful to each person served and that establishes a standard for quality that endures for generations.

Other details

  • Pay Type Hourly
  • Min Hiring Rate $55,494.40
  • Max Hiring Rate $57,012.80
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  • Mt Pleasant, SC, USA