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Brio - Senior Coordinator

2 Bella Grove Dr, Greenville, SC 29607, USA Req #46
Friday, November 17, 2023

Division: Brio Primary Care

Job Title: Senior Coordinator, Bella Grove

Weekly Hours: Full-Time

Supervised by: Clinical Manager, Brio

Overview: Responsible for the day-to-day site operations of Brio Internal Medicine’s Bella Grove (BG) location. Supervises team including Clinical Coordinator, and shares ownership in leading the POC Coordinator, AWV/DCT Coordinator, and Phlebotomy Coordinator with Bella Grove’s Senior Coordinator. Actively promotes teamwork among all team members, adherence to applicable processes and procedures, provision of consistent quality care to all patients, and delivery of the overall patient experience in keeping with the “Tribe Way.” Actively communicates with Brio BG’s Physician Medical Director, Clinical Manager, and Manager of Practice Operations to ensure open communication and consistency of expectations. As a critical leader for the Brio BG team, the incumbent must have a strong visible presence on the floor, and balance working in all areas alongside his/her team with administrative responsibilities. Practices humility and grace, promoting an authentic and transparent work environment within the clinical area.


1.       Oversees day to day operations, including workflow, processes, building maintenance, and additional activities at BG by working closely with the Clinical Manager, BG Clinical Coordinator, Phlebotomy Coordinator, POC Coordinator, AWV/DCT Coordinator and other Brio Coordinators as needed.

2.       Works alongside providers at BG to ensure timely communication, adequate support provided, and to maintain open communication between all teams. Checks in and communicates with all providers at the BG daily to facilitate workflow, communication, and improve both team and patient experience.

3.       Actively works in all areas in order to role model servant leadership, remain apprised of issues, concerns, etc. on the team, and be able to promote communication and an environment that embraces candor, feedback and openness.

4.       Provides oversight and direction for the BG team to include: hiring/firing, 1-on-1 meetings, annual performance reviews, training, and other personnel issues.  Educates and ensures consistent performance in keeping with all practice policies, processes and procedures, etc.

5.       Works in conjunction with Brio, Clinical Manager to implement, manage and work to improve efficient and productive workflow in all areas.

6.       Works closely with other Brio leaders to ensure consistency and efficiency is maintained at all Brio locations.

7.       Takes ownership of ensuring the “Tribe Way” is experienced by BG Brio patients, families, and team members. Promotes an authentic, transparent work environment within all areas at BG.  Ensures consistency between Brio BG and the other locations, as well as Tribe Lab.

8.       In conjunction with Brio’s Clinical Manager and Director of Practice Operations, assists with managing BG operations within budget. Prepares staffing plans and ensures adequate staffing levels for all teams are maintained at BG.

9.       Collaborates with Brio leadership team to implement new programs, changes to processes and procedures, etc. Helps develop and carry out team short term and long-term goals for Brio BG.

10.   Oversees building upkeep and maintenance at BG and reports all maintenance needs to the appropriate team.

11.   Continually seeks and implements creative ways to improve patient communication, patient access and decrease administrative burden for patients and team members.

12.   Helps structure and lead regular meetings for all respective teams. Actively participates in Tribe513’s leadership meetings to include Management Team,  Brio Leadership Team, etc.

13.   Oversees inventory, including ordering, management of inventory and fiscal responsibility for all clinical supplies for the BG location.


Required Education & Certifications:

  • ·       Minimum of two years of experience working in a medical setting within any medical facility (preferred but not required). 
  • ·       Medical Assistant or Registered Nurse required.
  • ·       Minimum of 1 year management experience (preferred but not required).

Work environment and Physical Demands: Requires sitting, standing, and walking associated with a normal physician office environment. Person may be exposed to fumes, airborne particles, infectious diseases, blood/bodily fluids, and disease-bearing specimens.

Tribe513 is an equal opportunity employer.

Other details

  • Pay Type Hourly
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  • 2 Bella Grove Dr, Greenville, SC 29607, USA