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TRC - Finance - Director Program - Financial Admin

200 Dunham Ave, Jamestown, NY 14701, EE. UU. Sol. nº 5059
lunes, 8 de mayo de 2023

FUNCTION: To place, develop, implement and manage sound fiscal systems for the Agency’s operations and its affiliated corporations. To administer, direct and coordinate inter-departmental policies and procedures and outside relationships to ensure sound and stable management of all Agency’s fiscal operations and activities.


DIRECTION AND PLANNINGIn conjunction with the Chief Financial Officer (CFO), is responsible for:

  1. Serving as staff liaison to the Finance Board Advisory Committee in conjunction with CFO. Provide for a system of regular : communication to this Committee through meetings, minutes, memoranda and presents and interprets financial reports and analyses as requested by the Chief Financial Officer and/or the Executive Director.
  2. Planning, development, implementation, and monitoring of Agency capital and operating budgets and cash flow requirements.
  3. Implement and enforce internal control systems for the safeguarding of all of the Agency’s assets. Develop and maintain a continuous internal auditing function. Report the findings of internal control violations or shortcomings to the Chief Financial Officer, Executive Director, and the Corporate Compliance Committee.
  4. Keep the CFO apprised of all financial issues and systems.


  1. Install and supervise all fiscal systems. Maintain adequate documentation and audit trails of all grants, contracts and leases.
  2. Collaborate with Senior Management to accommodate specific department and overall agency fiscal reporting needs and requirements.
  3. Direct the timely preparation of all financial statements and Internal management costing reports.
  4. Ensure the preparation and filing of all funding and regulatory expenditure reports and assure compliance with mandated fiscal regulations issued by duly constituted governmental agencies.
  5. Oversee the preparation of filing of governmental tax returns.
  1. Take and cost all physical inventories.
  1. Act on behalf of the Agency as the liaison with independent auditors, regulatory auditors and representatives, bankers and financial or investment advisers.
  2. Manage the cash and working capital needs of the Agency by adhering to sound cash management practices regarding billing and collection of receivables, payment of invoices and selected bank account transfers and investments.
  3. Review and approve all Agency contracts, workshop subcontracts, and prime manufacturing sales contracts.
  1. Review and approve for payment all checks, promissory notes and other negotiable instruments. Approve all operational, capital asset and real property expenditures.
  1. Provide ongoing evaluation of the financial impact of staff benefit program and prepare analyses and recommendations to the CFO
  2. Assist in the development and preparation of business plans
  1. Initiate, prepare and issue standard practices related to accounting and administrative procedures and collaborates in the coordination of business support systems including purchasing, property management, office methods, required documentation and procedures.
  1. Represent the Agency in public speaking engagements and promote the Agency’s mission and image with the community at large.
  2. Conduct special projects or activities and assume other related duties as needed or assigned

REQUIRED KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS AND ABILITIES: Must be detail-oriented and possess the ability to work well under pressure and meet time-sensitive deadlines; Ability to deal effectively with staff and management of all levels both within and outside of the organization; Ability to supervise the work of others; Excellent verbal, written and interpersonal communication skills; Excellent analytical skills and the ability to collect, interpret and synthesize data; Comprehensive knowledge of accounting, finance, and business office practices and procedures; Thorough knowledge of state and federal laws as they apply to finance, accounting, billing, and payroll functions; Reliability, adaptability and flexibility; Ability to carry out a wide variety of tasks in a comprehensive, accurate and thorough fashion; Must possess initiative and good judgment and abide by principles of confidentiality in carrying out assigned responsibilities; Working knowledge of computerized Billing, Payroll, Inventory, and Financial information systems and/or personal computer software; Physical condition commensurate with demands of the job.

MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS: Masters degree and (3) three years of experience; OR Bachelors degree and (5) five years of experience. Experience must be management level in a setting comparable in scope and complexity to TRC.

PREFERRED QUALIFICATIONS: Certified public accountant.

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