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Supportive Life Coach

Jamestown, Nueva York 14701, EE. UU. Sol. nº 2827
jueves, 28 de abril de 2022

Supportive Life Coach


Fulfillment awaits you as a Supportive Life Coach while;

1. Support people with intellectual and developmental disabilities to greater independence

2. Enhance the lives of the people supported by using your creativity and interests

3. Impact people’s lives through meaningful relationships and activities

4. Celebrate successes and overcoming life’s challenges


We offer competitive wages, continuous training and flexible scheduling for both Full- and Part-Time positions.


“I tell people all the time, my job is not just a paid job, it’s a vocation.  It’s something that, if I became a millionaire tomorrow, I would do this for nothing”

Otros detalles

  • Grupo de puestos TRC - Active - PFL/DBL Eligible
  • Tipo de pago Por hora
  • Tasa de contratación $15.20
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  • Jamestown, Nueva York 14701, EE. UU.