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2408 - Community Habilitation - Community Coach 1

Jamestown, Nueva York 14701, EE. UU. ● Silver Creek, Nueva York 14136, EE. UU. Sol. nº 2829
martes, 4 de enero de 2022


RESPONSIBLE TO:               Designated Community Based Services Supervisor

FUNCTION:                           Provide direct individualized support services to service recipients to enable them to lead self-directed lives in their homes and to contribute to and be included in their communities in an ethical, holistic and professional, non-judgmental manner that builds upon the recipient’s strengths, choices and capabilities.


Ability to:

·         Work a variety of non-traditional hours and locations

·         learn educational and training techniques for the intellectual and developmentally disabled and other related disabilities. 

·         work successfully in diverse community based work environments, including peoples homes  

·         work independently with work without direct supervision in a variety of settings

·         work a complex schedule based upon the needs of those being supported

·         learn the terminology, regulatory requirements, purpose and acceptable practices associated with each service provided. 

·         understand and follow written and verbal instructions. 

·         be flexible to accommodate the persons needs. 

·         exercise sound judgment, make accountable decisions and take initiative. 

·         work successfully in a team environment.

·         ability to represent TRC is a professional manner at all times


Fulfillment of all regulatory skill certifications and all required trainings.  Physical condition commensurate with the demands of the job.  The ability to lift individuals in order to assist in transferring and positioning.

Willingness to travel where deployed throughout Chautauqua County


Community Coach I:

High school or equivalency diploma required.  Experience in human service field preferred. 

Valid driver’s license and acceptable driving record according to guidelines established by The Resource Center’s insurance carrier, use of personal vehicle and automobile insurance (minimum of New York State’s statutory requirements for personal liability) is required.

Community Coach II

Must meet the minimum qualifications for Community Coach I to be considered for a Community Coach II.

Must complete a minimum of 12 hours of Innovations trainings specific to supporting people in Vocational Services within the first year of employment.  Must maintain the required annual continuing innovations training as required.   

There will be a maximum of the number of available Community Coaches based on current approved budgets. 





Community Coach I

1.                   Provide service in accordance with the person’s individualized plan of service and/or needs.

2.                   Assess the strengths, needs, desires, and interests of the person through formal and informal methods on a continual basis and modify the service focus accordingly.

3.             Assist individuals to manage every day aspects of life by teaching, modeling, and providing support in a manner that builds on individual strengths, capabilities, self-sufficiency and maximizes choice.

4.             Provide for safety and protection by assisting to address day-to-day challenges, (i.e. health, environmental issues, ADL’s).

5.             Empower the person (families or guardians where appropriate) by providing support and information necessary to make informed choices and decisions and help build self-esteem and assertiveness to lead a self-determining life.

6.             Understand challenges to leading a self-directed life (i.e. exercising human and civil rights, obtaining access to accommodations as desired, meeting financial obligations, and obtaining entitlement and supports, etc.) and assist to overcome challenges through effective advocacy and the facilitation of self-advocacy.

7.             Educate regarding abuse, neglect, and exploitation and strategies for prevention.

8.             Assist in participating in activities (legal) of their choice, including religious activities.

9.             Assist to identify and use the formal and informal supports available the community, family and social network and work with the individual to develop and sustain relationships with friends, family and community members.

10.          Intervene when the person displays inappropriate and/or injurious behavior, implementing approved methods of intervention.

11.          Provide a positive role model for all persons receiving supports and always promote a positive self-image of the person.

12.          Establish and maintain a collaborative relationship with the person, co-workers, their families, other service providers, and others who are important to the person as well as the community-at-large.

13.          Complete required documentation accurately and in a timely manner.

14.          Acts as an advocate for individuals served in all settings and situation.

15.          Maintain compliance with state and federal regulations as well as with agency and departmental policies, procedures, and guidelines.

16.          Communicate to Supervisor, Habilitation Specialist, Program Administrator, or specified others any ideas, suggestions and/or concerns regarding the person, safety issues, department/agency policies, practices, etc.

17.          Participate in meetings as required.

18.          Pursue opportunities for professional growth and share knowledge and resources with team.

19.          Assist in orienting new staff members and act as a role model/mentor for those staff

20.        Promote cooperation and teamwork amongst all individuals involved in the provision or receipt of services.

21.        Perform any other duties as assigned by supervisory personnel.


Community Coach II

1.                All duties as listed in Community Coach I

2.                Provide Vocational Training to teach job-related skills at area businesses within the community.

3.                Teaches approved Soft skills curriculum

4.                Demonstrates professional demeanor when interacting with business partners.  Establish and maintain a collaborative relationship with the business, the person receiving supports and the person’s team.





1.       Smartphone and data plan with the ability to install required TRC mobile applications.(Community Coach 1’s only)




Revision Date: 09/13/2021

Community  Based Services


          Grade 9/10, Non-Exempt


CFR: 201       

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